The Best Way to Come Up With a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement

The Best Way to Come Up With a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement Introduction What is the last thing usually on the minds of happy, loving partners when they decide to marry, or live together? Splitting up. That is, unless one or both of them have gone down that road before, and been through a … Read moreThe Best Way to Come Up With a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement

What is “Constructive Dismissal”?

What is constructive dismissal

The law has described constructive dismissal as being a case where an employer unilaterally makes a fundamental or substantial change to an employee’s contract of employment.  When this occurs, the employer is committing a breach of the contract that results in its termination and entitles the employee to consider himself or herself constructively dismissed.   Once … Read moreWhat is “Constructive Dismissal”?

What does being fired for “Cause” mean?

I was fired for just cause

At common law, the general wrongful dismissal principle is that an employee is entitled to reasonable notice of termination of his or her contract with the employer, or payment in lieu of notice.  The exception to the rule occurs when “just cause” exists;  the employer is then entitled to dismiss the employee summarily, without any … Read moreWhat does being fired for “Cause” mean?

Have You Been Terminated?

Wrongful Termination

  When Arnold Schwarznegger took over Donald Trump’s role on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, albeit short-lived, he replaced the Donald’s favourite phrase – “You’re fired” – with “You are terminated”.  Although this was an obviously appropriate catchphrase for Arnold to assume, it also happens to be legally correct.  The likelihood of a boss telling you that … Read moreHave You Been Terminated?

Types of Personal Injury

Examples of personal injury

The list is endless. Perhaps the most common is from a car accident. Of course, there are numerous other motorized vehicles speeding around that get into accidents, either on their own, through the negligence of their driver, or the negligence of a driver in another such vehicle: trucks, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, to name a few. … Read moreTypes of Personal Injury

What Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

personal injury lawyer definition

Well, you have undoubtedly seen the ads! Personal injury lawyers are, by far, the ones who advertise the most. Just have a look at the overwhelming array and number of billboards as you cruise though the USA. The reins have been loosened on Canadian lawyers in recent years, allowing them to advertise their services much … Read moreWhat Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Legally Separated?

what is Legally Separated

This question is often posed: “We aren’t living together anymore; are we legally separated?” Well, there is no such thing as being illegally separated! “Living separate and apart” does have certain legal connotations in Canadian law. Interestingly, it is possible, and legally recognized, in certain cases, to be “living separate and apart” under the same … Read moreLegally Separated?

What is a Separation Agreement?

what is Separation Agreement

Often calls are received from people inquiring about getting, or filing for, a “legal separation“. There is really no such thing in Canadian law as a legal separation. Instead, what people have heard about is actually called a “Separation Agreement”. This is a private contract dealing with all of the important issues between separating married … Read moreWhat is a Separation Agreement?