The Timeline and Process for Divorce in Ottawa/Kanata: How Long Does it Really Take?

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and emotionally charged process. One common question that arises during this time is, “How long will the divorce process take?” While the duration of a divorce can vary depending on several factors, understanding the general timeline for divorce proceedings can provide individuals with a clearer perspective. In … Read more

Navigating Divorce Mediation: Tips for Success in Ottawa / Kanata

Divorce and separation can be an emotionally challenging and complex process, but engaging in divorce mediation can help couples find a more peaceful and amicable resolution. Mediation allows couples to maintain control over their own separation and divorce, and make decisions together, with the guidance of a lawyer mediator. To ensure a successful mediation process, … Read more

What is a Separation Agreement?

Often calls are received from people inquiring about getting, or filing for, a “legal separation“. There is really no such thing in Canadian law as a legal separation. Instead, what people have heard about is actually called a “Separation Agreement”. This is a private contract dealing with all of the important issues between separating married … Read more

Family Mediation: An Alternative Approach to Resolving Family Disputes

Family disputes can be challenging and emotionally charged. They can be particularly difficult when they involve sensitive matters such as divorce, child custody, and spousal support. Unfortunately, going to court is not always the best option, as it can be time-consuming, costly, and adversarial. Fortunately, there is an alternative to litigation: family mediation. Family mediation … Read more

What is “Constructive Dismissal”?

The law has described constructive dismissal as being a case where an employer unilaterally makes a fundamental or substantial change to an employee’s contract of employment.  When this occurs, the employer is committing a breach of the contract that results in its termination and entitles the employee to consider himself or herself constructively dismissed.   Once … Read more

What does being fired for “Cause” mean?

At common law, the general wrongful dismissal principle is that an employee is entitled to reasonable notice of termination of his or her contract with the employer, or payment in lieu of notice.  The exception to the rule occurs when “just cause” exists;  the employer is then entitled to dismiss the employee summarily, without any … Read more

Have You Been Terminated?

When Arnold Schwarznegger took over Donald Trump’s role on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, albeit short-lived, he replaced the Donald’s favourite phrase – “You’re fired” – with “You are terminated”.  Although this was an obviously appropriate catchphrase for Arnold to assume, it also happens to be legally correct.  The likelihood of a boss telling you that you … Read more