Is Getting Laid Off Like Being Fired?

No. But most people use the terms interchangeably, without knowing the difference, and that includes employers. In fact, to allegedly soften the blow, some employers even tell their employees that they are being laid off, perhaps thinking that this phrase is less harsh than hearing, as Trump used to say: “you’re fired”. Under Ontario law, … Read more

What Is An Employment Lawyer?

Employment lawyers fall into two broad categories: those who represent employers, and those who represent employees. If employees in the workplace are members of a union, the lawyers involved on either side practice in the related, but distinct, area of labour law. The rights and obligations of employees and employers in that context will be … Read more

Types of Civil Litigation Claims

As stated elsewhere, civil litigation involves someone suing someone else for anything. It is the legal process that most people think of when the word “lawsuit” is used. In broad strokes, the majority of civil claims can be broken down into two categories: contract, and tort. Contract claims flow from the allegation that one party … Read more

What Is Civil Litigation?

In our legal system, there are only two courts: the criminal court, and the civil court. Most people have a pretty good idea what criminal court is. The police charge a citizen with a crime; the accused person hires a defence lawyer; the crown attorney prosecutes; the judge (or judge and jury) decides if the … Read more

Divorce & The Financial Obligations When You Separate

Let’s say you are the typical Canadian family of four; both spouses work, but one – usually the husband (but not always) – is the main breadwinner; the wife works full time, but her income is not as high, since she took mat leave, and some further time off when the two kids were infants. … Read more

Just got fired?

Just got fired? Your boss, and possibly an HR rep have just handed you a letter of termination that you didn’t see coming, no reasons given; they have offered you a severance package, and said you have only 2 days, or 1 week, or some other very short time period in which to accept it, … Read more

You and your spouse have decided to separate?

You and your spouse have decided to separate?   Marriage counselling has been tried, and failed. You have children, own property together, have joint bank accounts, credit cards, and debts. You wish you had more savings, but you don’t. One, or both of you, work. There may be RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s, and possibly a pension … Read more