Frequently Asked Questions

Family Mediation

Family mediation services help couples at the beginning or end of a relationship, advising on agreements like “pre-nups” or separation agreements.

Any couple marrying or beginning their common-law relationship who want to avoid the potential for disputes in the future, if they ever separate down the road, or, any couple separating that want to amicably negotiate and finalize a separation agreement in the least contentious manner.

This should be considered at the beginning or end of your marriage or relationship.  If you want to try to resolve differences between you, and keep your marriage or relationship going; marriage or couples counselling should be considered.

Costs are divided between participants, usually equally or on a mutually agreed basis. It’s considered a cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

Both parties should voluntarily agree to mediation, come prepared to compromise, and be ready to control the outcome together, with respect for each other and the mediator’s guidance

Employment Law

This occurs when an employee is terminated without proper notice, or compensation in lieu of notice, contrary to prevailing caselaw (what judges have decided).

This occurs when the employer imposes a unilateral change to a fundamental term of the employee’s agreement.  There are countless ways in which this can happen.

Employment contracts are interpreted based on standard contractual principles, with a focus on mutual intent, the wording of the contract, and relevant employment laws.

Employees have rights to fair treatment, potential severance, and sometimes continued employment, depending on the deal’s structure and existing contracts.

File a complaint through internal company procedures, or with relevant governmental or regulatory bodies, providing evidence and details of the incidents.

These can include filing a claim with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, or included in a claim for wrongful dismissal before the Ontario courts.