What is a Separation Agreement?

Often calls are received from people inquiring about getting, or filing for, a “legal separation“. There is really no such thing in Canadian law as a legal separation. Instead, what people have heard about is actually called a “Separation Agreement”. This is a private contract dealing with all of the important issues between separating married … Read more

Divorce & The Financial Obligations When You Separate

Let’s say you are the typical Canadian family of four; both spouses work, but one – usually the husband (but not always) – is the main breadwinner; the wife works full time, but her income is not as high, since she took mat leave, and some further time off when the two kids were infants. … Read more

You and your spouse have decided to separate?

You and your spouse have decided to separate?   Marriage counselling has been tried, and failed. You have children, own property together, have joint bank accounts, credit cards, and debts. You wish you had more savings, but you don’t. One, or both of you, work. There may be RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RESP’s, and possibly a pension … Read more